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  1. Morgan, T.M., Lange, P.H., Porter, M.P., Lin, D.W., Ellis, W.J., Gallaher, I.H, Vessella, R.L.: Disseminated tumor cells in prostate cancer patients after radical prostatectomy and without evidence of disease predicts biochemical recurrence. Clin Cancer Res, 15:677-683, 2009. PMCID: PMC3162324.

  2. Hovelson DH, Liu CJ, Wang Y, Kang Q, Henderson J, Gursky A, Morgan TM*, Tomlins SA* (co-senior): Rapid, ultra low coverage copy number profiling of cell-free DNA as a precision oncology screening strategy Oncotarget, 8: 89848-6, 2017. PMCID: PM29163793

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  4. Morgan TM, Mehra R, Tiemeny P, Wolf JS, Wu S, Sangale Z, Brawer M, Stone S, Wu CL, Feldman AS: A Multigene Signature Based on Cell Cycle Proliferation Improves Prediction of Mortality Within 5 Years of Radical Nephrectomy for Renal Cell Carcinoma. Eur Urol, 73:763-9, 2018. PM29249291

  5. Morgan T.M., Meng M.V., Cooperberg M.R., Cowan J.E., Weinberg V., Carroll P.R., Lin D.W.: A risk-adjusted definition of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Dis, 17: 174-179, 2014. PM24614692

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  10. Morgan TM, Hawken SR, Ghani KR, Miller DC, Feng FY, Linsell SM, Salisz JA, Gao Y, Montie JE, Cher ML: Variation in the use of postoperative radiotherapy among high-risk patients following radical prostatectomy. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, 19:216-21, 2016. PMCID: 26951715

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  14. Lee E, Decker AM, Cackowski FC, Kana LA, Yumoto K, Jung Y, Wang J, Buttitta L, Morgan TM, Taichman RS: Growth Arrest-Specific 6 (GAS6) Promotes Prostate Cancer Survival by G1 Arrest/S Phase Delay and Inhibition of Apoptotic Pathway During Chemotherapy in Bone Marrow. J Cell Biochem 117 (12): 2815-2824, 2016. PM27153245

  15. Day KC, Lorenzatti Hiles G, Kozminsky M, Dawsey SJ, Paul A, Broses LJ, Shah R, Kunju LP, Hall C, Palanisamy N, Daignault-Newton S, El-Sawy L, Wilson SJ, Chou A, Ignatoski KM, Keller ET, Thomas DG, Nagrath S, Morgan TM, Day ML: HER2 and EGFR overexpression support metastatic progression of prostate cancer to bone. Cancer Res 77: 74-85, 2016. PMCID: PM27793843

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