Morgan Lab

Welcome To The Morgan Lab

The Morgan Lab is a translational research laboratory focused on identifying biomarkers associated with treatment response, primarily through molecular profiling of tumor cells circulating in the blood and bone marrow of men with prostate cancer.


April 2020 - Members of the Morgan Lab published a study revealing a role for Wnt signaling as a driver of prostate cancer bone metastatic tropism and invasion in the journal Translational Oncology.

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The Morgan Lab at the Annual University of Michigan Urology Holiday Party (2019)

Morgan Lab Annual Summer Party (2019)

The Morgan Lab and colleagues all met at Dr. Morgan's house for a fun evening of food, drinks, and games!

Prostate Cancer and Hereditary Risk: A Doctor Explains the Connection

Some genetic mutations linked to breast cancer also can affect men, but in a different way. A Michigan Medicine urologist explains the connection.

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Todd Morgan, M.D.

Michigan Medicine opens first prostate cancer risk clinic in the nation

The clinic will help men with genetic predisposition to prostate cancer identify and monitor their risk of the disease.

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